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Utilizing Patented Fast Track High Speed Hydrodemolition Systems

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National Infrastructure provides quality, high speed hydrodemolition services throughout the USA and Canada.

45 years ago National Infrastructure discovered the power of water and has taken it to the highest level.

Since 1973 we have been reinventing the way high pressure water is used for industrial applications. So much so that we currently hold the patents for the most sophisticated hydrodemolition systems in North America.

Our engineering team are constantly reinventing our robotic hydrodemolition systems to work in environments that include, bridges, tunnels, large concrete shafts, hydroelectric dams and nuclear facilities. We pride ourselves in our engineering achievements that produce quality results in a safe working environment.

National Infrastructure ’s ability to take on the challenge of Critical Path Timeline Projects and exceed the expectations of our clients sets us apart from all other service providers. This is in no small part due to our ability to remove concrete faster than any other hydrodemolition service provider. Our systems can remove concrete at up to 4,000 square feet per shift to depths below the rebar. When Infrastrucure contactors depend on Critical Path Timelines that could result in large penalties for delays, they know National Infrastucture will not let them down.



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National Infrastructure

provides quality, high speed hydrodemolition services
USA and Canada.