Mac & Mac™ was established in the early 1970’s

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Mac & Mac was established over 45 years ago. Through innovation and our committment to continually improve our services we engineer and build our own equipment that is designed to address our clients needs.

The corporation has evolved into a specialized hydrodemolition business holding many patents for the the equipment we now manufacture and use in our critical path projects. This specialized division later became known as National Infrastructure™.

Our company designs and utilizes specialized robotic hydrodemolition equipment that is used in the most challenging working environments such as dams, nuclear facilities, smelters and refineries. Further more, our patented robotic hydrodemolition equipment can remove concrete faster than any other products on the market. Which is why National Infrastructure™ is the first choice in projects requiring timely completion with the highest quality.


  • 20240 102B Avenue
  • Langley, BC V1M 3G9
  • British Columbia
  • Canada

National Infrastructure

provides quality, high speed hydrodemolition services
USA and Canada.